Hurricane Preparedness Week: Get the Toolkit!


National Hurricane Preparedness Week is just around the corner, May 24-30!

Take advantage of the of the resources below to get prepared and to help others prepare. But first, make sure you download the Hurricane Preparedness Toolkit!

Vital resources to help you prepare include:


Lyme Disease and Other Tickborne Diseases in New Hampshire

Prevention Messages for Patients:

  • Avoid tick-infested areas when possible and stay on the path when hiking to avoid brush. 
  • Wear light-colored clothing that covers arms and legs so ticks can be more easily seen. 
  • Tuck pants into socks before going into wooded or grassy areas. 
  • Apply insect repellent (20-30% DEET) to exposed skin. Other repellent options may be found here:
  • Outdoor workers in NH are at particular risk of tickborne diseases and they should be reminded about methods of prevention. 
  • Do daily tick checks to look for ticks on the body, especially warm places like behind the knees, the groin, and the back and neck. 
  • Pets returning inside may also bring ticks with them. Performing tick checks and using tick preventatives on pets will minimize this occurrence. 
  • Shower soon after returning indoors to wash off any unattached ticks and check clothes for any ticks that might have been carried inside. Placing clothes in the dryer on high heat for an hour effectively kills ticks. 
  • Remove ticks promptly using tweezers. Tick removal within 36 hours of attachment can prevent disease. 
  • Monitor for signs and symptoms of tickborne diseases for 30 days after a tick bite. Patients should contact their healthcare provider if symptoms develop.

  • Additional background information about tickborne diseases and prevention can be found in the State of New Hampshire Tickborne Disease Prevention Plan at:



    Tuesday, June 9 at 8:30am
    Guests from the NH Disability & Public Health Project (DPH) will present “Including People with Disabilities in Emergency Planning & Preparedness” at our regularly scheduled meeting on June 9, 2015, 8:30 – 10am at Goodwin Community Health.

    Wednesday, June 10 at 7:30am
    NH Emergency Preparedness Conference will be held at the Radisson Hotel Manchester, NH To register or for additional details, please visit

    Tuesday, July 14, 8:30am
    The Rochester Fire Department will be hosting our Emergency Preparedness Taskforce Meeting from 8:30 - 10:00am. An agenda will be posted and made available prior to the meeting.

    Tuesday, July 21 at 8:00am
    Pediatric Disaster Response & Emergency Preparedness program at the NH Fire Standards and Training and EMS in Concord, NH.